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Should you not drink alcohol after a massage

There are increasing debates on the issue of the consumption of alcohol after being treated with a massage. Many businesses consider it a great marketing package, to offer a glass of champagne or wine either before , or even after a massage session, as a complementary treat.

Yet, there are both ethical as well as physiological reasons to argue against this practice.

First of all, any person should ponder on whether the offering of alcohol in the massage studio is legal in their state, town or county, or whether a special license is required. All business should adhere to their code of ethics applicable to their area of expertise. and by all means, all businesses should consider their liabilities in the event of an accident caused by alcohol consumption, happening to one of their random customers, right after their massage treatment in their studio. Is this risk worth taking ?

The physiological reasons are a great part to consider as well, especially for those who receive such treatments.

Massage can increase the lymph circulation, thus help the body discard toxins and excess fluid more easily. This means, that the body is in more need of hydration after a Raynor Massage. Alcohol on the other hand, like caffeine, is a diuretic. So a combination of a massage treatment and a complementary alcoholic drink, will most probably lead to a more rapid dehydration, rather than offering a boost towards detoxing.

By these facts, it is obvious that businesses must refrain from offering customers alcoholic drinks after a massage, and, of course, customers should not consume it if they wish to make their massage session worth wile!